Wednesday, March 21, 2012

cosmetic inside a tupperware.

i love tupperware! :D

when i was a kid, mom used tupperware to bring my lunch and now when i hit 24 *silent scream* i use this products to bring my breakfast to the office and to keep my cosmetics safe.

I cannot remember since when I have this cosmegasm-thingy, and I impulsively bought makeups that appeals to me :-\  I have a messy cosmetic's box at home, and I don't want to bring out a messy one when I need to re-touch my makeups in public. I began using tupperware and gave up my previous makeup case few months ago and I like their hard-shaped 'box'; it makes me sure they protect my cosmetics :) Also, the shallow compartment make it easier to find and retrieve whatever I need without messing up the entire storage... =D